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Over the last few months, there’s been much abuzz about Justin Bieber‘s upcoming album Purposeand by buzz I mean you can literally buzz Justin’s hotline bling late night when you need his love. Just after releasing the full track list for his album, The Biebs dropped a nice little remix of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” that you could only listen to when you dialed into a hotline (the number is (213) 377-1113). After the call ends, you hear an operator give you details on his album, released today.


Although there have been way too many covers/remixes of the track, I loved the creative marketing used to promote Justin’s remix and his album simultaneously. It almost felt old school… Who really uses their phone to make actual phone calls anymore, let to promote an album? Props to Biebs for an out-of-the-ordinary campaign.


Purpose is out today here! I’ve been looking forward to hearing the new Bieber sound and am really excited to celebrate the release at the album party tonight! Photos to come…

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