All Hail Instagram Temporary Tattoos


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Remember when you used to get temporary tattoos inside boxes of candy sticks? Having those tiny, usually superhero themed, tatts were the bomb (until you had to scrub them off for school and they went all speckled and weird).


Remember when you turned into an adult and it wasn’t acceptable to have these anymore? Let’s face it, the only option us working adults (or posing adults) have is to either get a real tattoo (ouch) or henna… Until now.


Netherlands based company Ink361 have launched ‘Picattoo’ which, in our opinion, is the coolest thing since Ship Your Enemies Glitter. All you have to do is log in with Instagram, choose 12 of your pictures, pay $14.99 and then wait anxiously by the letterbox. Picattoo will send you 12 temporary tattoos that last around a week of your pics.


Personally I can’t wait to cover myself in my own Instasnaps, the one of my #Instagranny, those #failcakes, that colourful frog from Boston’s aquarium… It’s such a fun idea! Plus it avoids the faux pas of getting your phone out at the dinner table to show everyone your new dog/what you ate for lunch/your holiday pictures.


Check out the snaps from those who’ve tried it out here.

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