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There’s no hiding from it. The word is everywhere. What we’ve been told by Spotify for years and years has finally stepped into gear, and there was no second, third, fourth… we went straight into fifth, and I’m absolutely loving it.   To recap quickly on some key dates in 2015. March 30th – Tidal launched with […] Read More
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SoundCloud refocuses on the creator


Posted on November 5, 2015 by
The shift to soundcloud desktop v2 and its first mobile app back in 2009 was all about listening and sharing. Sadly we know many a producer frustrated by the functionality of the app and the new user experience of desktop. This week, those creators just got a step closer to what they want, at least […] Read More
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We’re in the attic!


Posted on May 14, 2015 by
Last month we got the keys to our shiny new attic in Leeds at Duke Studios Sheaf St. It immediately takes me back to my days in Norway…   Based on the weakest of briefs (I’m no interior designer) Laura Wellington and her team have come up with a vibe that suits us in every […] Read More
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Has Retina gone mainstream?


Posted on March 24, 2015 by
Earlier this month, Apple unveiled its next collection of MacBooks. Whilst the RD office was predominately excited by the force touch trackpad, it was the display resolution that caught my attention.   A few of us in the office took the plunge when the first retina ready macbook came to market. As I’m sure you can […] Read More
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How’s your headspace?


Posted on January 22, 2015 by
Around about three years ago I must admit my head was pretty clogged up. Anyone who’s run a small business knows what I’m talking about. For me, being creative for clients has always come first, well, equal probably to the welfare of the RD team. But it’s not like the taxman cares about that, nor […] Read More
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What dreams are made of 🐷
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When you just gotta have that #PhoToGo 🍜 thanks @phorestaurant for the free scran!!
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RT @Fluxpavilion: Our dear friends at @rockstarenergy are offering a full package to join us @MoonriseFest⚡️ https:/…
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