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How many emails do you get in a day? I get my fair share, but if I was to audit myself, I’d say 30% are project based, 20% internal admin stuff, 10% new business and/or fresh tech banter… which leaves that final 40%; a massive lump dedicated entirely to a combination of promos and e-blasts.


Now firstly it’s important to state that RD is not a record label. We’re a digital marketing company that manages the online world for artists and labels. So, to be clear, we’re not in the habit of influencing the A&R process.


But more importantly I ask myself, how did I come to be on so many blast lists? And the question I’m really asking is what do the people hitting me up think they’re achieving? Have they trawled the net dragging in names from every poor sod that has anything to do with the industry? And once they hit that send button, are they even looking at the stats? If so, what on earth can they take from that data? Probably jack shit. It has to be the single biggest waste of time in online marketing.


I caught up with a friend and fellow marketer who, about four years ago convinced me to get back into the database world at a time I was convinced it was dead.


‘Email marketing is overlooked by almost every digital marketer in the music business. I think people see it as old fashioned and unfashionable but I couldn’t disagree more. If you get the permission of a fan to email them, then that contact information is gold. Used properly and as a basis for direct and relevant communication it will outperform any other channel you have. The key is to target those who should be on your list very effectively and then communicate with them regularly so that they expect your emails. Use those emails to give as well as ask and make them all useful to the recipient. Segment your list as you learn who likes to receive which information. Treat your list properly and it will be your greatest marketing asset. Abuse it and target random non-targeted people and it will be worthless!’ – Ian Clifford, Author of Make it in Music


In a nutshell, done right, e-marketing can be a highly effective part of the good the good ol’ marketing mix. We’ve seen this tool sell out plenty of gigs, help tracks doing well in relevant charts and carry off more successful competitions than I care to admit.

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"Since the inception of Axtone’s online presence we have worked hand in hand with Rising Digital, who, like us favour an organic approach. As an agency, Rising Digital feel very ‘in-house’, available 24/7 and extremely thorough on all counts.
The guys there are on top of new technologies, but most of all are passionate music lovers and a pleasure to work with."

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