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Every now and again, we come across something in the industry that really turns our heads or makes us tip our collective hat to the thinking behind it. This is one of those ‘things’. We had a chat with industry pal, Clayton Warwick, about ‘Cadence & Cause’ – the exciting new platform he founded.


At Rising Digital, we know all about the work that you’ve been doing over the last few years to help grow ‘The Music Ninja‘ into the site it is today and we’re big fans. Can you tell us a bit about what your latest platform, ‘Cadence & Cause‘ is all about?


CW: The idea of Cadence & Cause was actually born out of my work with The Music Ninja. Publicists, promoters, record labels, and management groups would ask us to do giveaways to help promote an artist’s show, upcoming release, or social channels. In the winter of 2014, something clicked – what if we took some of those items and, instead of giving them away, used them to raise money for deserving charities?


Here we are today, with a platform that combines artists, fans and charitable organizations for the love of music and positive change. Artists can donate anything they want, including music, merch, memorabilia, and experiences. Fans can then purchase those items from the artist’s campaign page, or enter sweepstakes to win larger items, with the majority of the proceeds going to benefit the cause that the artist chose to work with.


Can musicians at any level get involved or is this just for ‘the big guys’?


CW: We built this as a turnkey platform for an artist of any size. As much as we love getting the reach a superstar artist can bring, we want smaller artists to get involved as well. It’s important to know that even raising $100 can make a tremendous difference for our charities. For example, $100 provides clean drinking water for 100 people, for one year. That equates to two million gallons of clean drinking water.


How do you filter which charities C&C would like to work with?


CW: Initially, we worked with a great organization called ONEHOPE. They rigorously vet charities and provide an excellent list to brands that they work with. Since then, we’ve started to curate some of our own. They have to have excellent ratings on sites like GuideStar, CharityWatch, and CharityNavigator and be passionate about working with musicians who want to give back.


What’s your favourite campaign so far and why?


CW: That’s like asking a parent to choose their favorite child! There are two that stand out, though, for very different reasons. First is our campaign with Pegboard Nerds, which benefitted a charity that provides hearing health services to children in developing countries. They gave away a VIP experience to Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, which included two tickets, backstage access, dinner, and a autograph session. Towards the end of their set, they welcomed the two winners onstage, in front of 8,000 screaming fans.


That was a very powerful moment for me because I realized the potential that Cadence & Cause truly had. Not only did 126 children in developing countries get hearing health services, but we also gave two fans an experience they’ll never forget.


The other one comes from one of our smallest artists, High Rule. With nothing more than a sweepstake for a t-shirt and sticker pack, they raised enough money to provide preventative care for 77 potential human trafficking victims. That’s equates to over $1,200. Pretty incredible what they were able to put together!


It’s been a great 2015 for you guys. What can we expect from C&C heading into 2016?


CW: Thank you! We have some really amazing things coming up for 2016. The site will continue to grow and evolve, as it has over the past six months. We have a fantastic team of developers that are always working on making the site a better experience for users, artists, and our charities. We’ll also be partnering up with more events, bringing new and inventive ways to give back while you’re out having fun at a festival. Lastly, there will be tons of new campaigns benefitting amazing charities. So, stop by often to see exclusive music, merch, memorabilia, and experiences that are all up for grabs.


Thanks Clayton! 


If you, your label or your artist would like to get involved, we’d recommend heading here and giving them a shout.


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