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Sometimes Social Media seems to be all fun and games, but we forgot how useful it can be to connect with loved ones, especially in times of disaster. As I’m sure many people noticed in their timelines after the horrific events last Friday in Paris, users in the geographical area were able to check in as safe, putting family and friends’ minds to ease.


Until recently, Facebook Safety Check was only available for those in natural disasters, but the site expanded the feature to go into effect for those in areas of known “human disasters”.


The tool is activated after a disaster, then users receive a notification asking if they are ok (available on all Android, iOS, desktop and mobile). Your location is determined by the city listed in your profile, your last location (based on if you have the Nearby Friends feature switched on), and the city in which you are using internet. You’re also alerted if friends in the area are safe, and you can mark friends who may not have phone or computer access as safe.


I definitely felt a sense of relief after seeing that a friend in Paris checked in safe last Friday night, so I think the tool is a great development by Facebook. Check out the video below to get a full run-down of how it works.


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