How To Lose Instagram Followers, A$AP.


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If you know of rapper A$AP Rocky, you know he’s always one that a step ahead of the game in art and fashion. Recently, he took to his Instagram to show his appreciation for art, in a way that may have pissed off a lot of his followers…


Rocky posted what he called a “digital installation” – a collaboration with Robert Gallardo of over 100 pieces of square art, all posted one by one on Instagram to reveal a huge collage type piece that spreads across his profile. In theory, this seems like a cool idea, but the stunt cost Rocky over 100k Instagram followers. People felt he was flooding their feed with far too many posts of fragmented unrecognizable photos and sometimes even completely blank white posts repeatedly one after another.


Users were so annoyed scrolling past his posts, that followers numbers dropped and continue to drop as he posts more of these cryptic images. Self expression is so important on social media for artists, but is it wise to put followers through something like this right before an album release (he just released his new At.Long.Last.A$AP last week)? We’d probably have to say no, but A$AP does what he wants! With 1.6million followers still, we’re guessing he’s not sweating the loss to badly. Check out the video below to see how the art piece looks.


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