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There’s always a bit of excitement in the office when social media updates occur. The latest being Instagram Stories or ‘Snapgram’, the love child of Snapchat and Instagram… but Instagram won the custody battle.


Instagram Stories has pretty similar features to Snapchat, the main being ‘Stories’ and the ability to draw on/add text to your snaps. From what I can gather, the instant response has labelled Instagram as somewhat of a copycat, but here in the RD office we’ve decided we’re all about that chat.


Instagram Stories’ drawing tools are slightly more fine-tuned than Snapchat, offering different brush effects, more colours and some cool, LED looking pen. While the filters seem to be the same as those available on your standard Instagram pic (YES, Valencia). What it doesn’t have is selfie lenses (a serious disadvantage) or any of the speed features that Snapchat has to offer.


With the update just occurring, people will have access to Stories through no extra effort and from a business perspective you can simply swap between accounts on Instagram a lot easier than Snapchat. A bonus for the less committed social media user?


Although, I think Stories has its own quirks and advantages, Snapchat and ‘Snapgram’ may have differing markets when it comes to their purpose… You wouldn’t post a drunk snap on Instagram for the whole world to see.


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