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With over 300 million active users, there’s definitely something for everyone. With an extreme lifestyle change recently, my use of social media changed drastically too. The one site I could look at for 30 seconds and instantly be amused or even inspired by is Instagram. I love photography, the homemade, this wondrous world we live in and an instant light hearted laugh. So here’s my personal top five accounts. You may agree or disagree, but either way, please tell me of any others you think I may like!


1. thefatjewish
Ridiculous observations on life? Tacos? Mildly offensive to someone everytime? Check. Laugh out loud funny.



2. finn
UK based photographer. So, I couldn’t have the user name Finn, so who did have it? This guy. Yep, he wins. The breathtaking beauty and balance in his photos transport me.




3. jennyfromdosfamily
An insight into an interior photographer’s work, travels and family life in Sweden. It always makes me want to be more creative, work and family wise. Her partner Jens’ account is pretty rad too.




4. surfer_magazine
Do I surf? Nope. It scares the hell out of me. Being pulled into a washing machine like swirl? No thanks. I do have a ridiculously strong affinity to the sea though, as well as respect for the sheer power of it. These images stop me every time and bring an instant calmness to me. I almost want to surf too.




5. bettymagazine
Capturing English, girly, foodie, creative fun. Lovely warm images to leave you feeling fuzzy inside.



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"RD have helped me take my music career to the next level. They think outside the box and deliver pure quality. Anytime we work on a new project it is bang on and exceeds my expectations. It’s great working with people that genuinely care about you as a client and this gives a personal touch that is rare to find elsewhere. Most importantly no matter how out there or difficult my ideas are RD will always make it happen."

Rashid Adjami

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What dreams are made of 🐷
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