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Here’s what has been happening in the digital world this month.


Taking a stand against ‘trolls’, Twitter has rolled out Safety Centre: a place for advice and policies aimed to enhance their anti-abuse policy. It has also removed background images from the home and notifications timelines on web. In addition, the service has introduced new event targeting for advertising, releasing demographics data about ‘major global events, as well as tentpole events related to sports, holidays, festivals, TV, music and politics in the U.S., UK, France, Brazil and Japan’. Read more.


This month Facebook has introduced more functionality to its native video service. Users can restrict the audience for their videos by age and gender and restrict third-party embedding. It is also moving to create a ‘secret’ mode that works in the same way as YouTube’s ‘Unlisted’ function. Users can detach a video from the News Feed on desktop to allow users to watch and scroll at the same times as well as choose to ‘Watch Later’. More info.
For retailers, it has started testing ‘shopping’ sections on Pages which allows transactions to take place within Facebook.


Rolled out this month was ‘Cameo’, Meerkat’s feature which allows users to invite views to ‘take over’ their live streams for 60 seconds. It has also vamped up its Facebook integration, allowing users to connect their profiles and receive alerts when friends of Pages they follow join Meerkat or starts a stream. Meerkat Library is also being rolled out so that post-broadcast, the broadcaster can save their stream to a personal gallery. These can then be shared or kept private.


Recently introduced to desktop: Instagram’s search functionality and landing pages for geotags and hashtags. Instagram has also opened up its advertising API.


Google have started hosting checkouts for retailers with its new ‘Buy on Google’ button. Retailers will be charged for search-generated clicks. Its shopping ads have also been vamped up, if a user scrolls over the ads, they will expand with larger images and more information on each item.


Another live streaming app has launched in beta which allows ‘multi-broadcasting’ via hashtag and browser broadcasting. It also has integration to broadcast on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. More info.


Tinder have rolled out verified symbols on profiles for ‘notable public figures, celebrities and athletes’.


The video story app has partnered with major music labels to allow its users to add music clips to its users’ created videos.


Users of Spotify will find a new ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist added to their accounts. Replaced each week with algorithmically chosen tracks, this service suggests new music customised for each user.

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