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Its time for another installment of fresh music videos! This month I have expanded my search to include some of the best undiscovered works from Vimeo. As always my aim here is not to find the biggest budget but the best creativity.

So to spark the fire, here’s Oscar Key Sung with “All I could do”. This video mashes together live footage, stills and effects to create a dreamy landscape of interesting motions. Don’t forget to check out more from all our videos, Twitter handles listed below!

Director Tristan Jalleh
Next up is Field Works with “The Elevator: Cities and the Sky”. This video places because, on top of its solid camera work & cinematography aspects, the core subject of the film follows a unique and often overlooked character, the sound recordist and their journey as they map the sounds of the area.

Director @JonathanFrey
Team Records

Rust & Dust place 3rd this month with “Talbot”. I’ll admit that the opening long take of the video didn’t blow me away, but the cinematic aesthetics of the following shots sealed the deal here. Make sure to keep an eye out in future!

Rust & Dust

In second place this month we have N’to with “Petite”. With great visuals and a surreal storyline this video creates a sense of eerie memories. Make sure to check out directors Julien Reynaud & Favien Berry’s previous work too!

Julien Reynaud & Favien Berry

Finally Denitia and Sene take home top spot this month. Check out their video for “Divided” below featuring both live action footage and a mixture of both 2D & 3D graphic brought together in a calm monochrome fusion. Also be sure to hit up for more!


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"Rising were invaluable during the release of my last studio album DRIVE. For a period of about six months around the release, hardly a day went by without me speaking to Seb or Avery about every single aspect of the release, with their input going far beyond what I expected, covering many more areas than just digital management, and never getting annoyed at my multiple phone calls and emails about every aspect of the project. On release day, we nailed the elusive #1 spot on the US iTunes Dance chart and it’s no exaggeration to say without Rising, I don’t think that would have happened. Great company, great people."

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