Music Videos of the Month – August


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It’s time for another instalment of music videos! Here’s a look back at what I’ve come across in the past month (or so). Don’t forget my aim here is to level the playing field and show what’s possible with a camera and a little creativity.


Kicking off this week we have Eli & Fur with “Seeing is believing”. I’m loving the old-school film vibes mixed into this visual. The ‘rave’ look has definitely become more popular over the last few years with videos such as Chase & Status’ : Blind Faith paving the way back in 2011.


Eli & Fur


Up next is Röyksopp with “Something In My Heart”. This piece is a step in the opposite direction of our last video. The minimalist styles of the scenes leave room to emphasise the bold expressions of the two contrasting characters. In addition, I think the raw energy and emotion of this video really takes it to a unique area, by the way it explores dance in such a simplistic medium for creativity.




Pixel Fix are third this week with their official video for “Lungs”. Playing on a similar theme as Röyksopp, I like that this video is more of an exploration of space and that it has been used to tell a story in a minimalist form. It also contrasts the previous video, using the space to show expression rather than focusing on the movements of the dancers themselves.


Pixel Fix


Continuing on a theme of space we have Douglas Dare with “Nile”. I’m always a massive fan of a good location, so anyone willing to drive out and shoot with such a cinematic eye will rank highly in my book!


The colour grading of these shots are both consistently sharp and natural adding to the feel of the work and creating more of a memory than an expression. The subtle smoke and burning of the figure in the end of the video creates another layer of the story to explore. I like this mostly because, as with our previous videos, it develops a story using only one character one location.



Douglas Dare


Coming full circle, I saved the best for last with iLL BLU ft. Jake Isaac with “Fall Out”. There are rarely videos I like to watch over and over again but this is definitely one, mainly because it incorporates most of the good points of our previous videos. For example, we can see the use of old-school film effects in the grading and grain throughout. Another highlight is the cinematography of the urban location and how it creates space in a crowded environment. Similar to ‘ Something in my heart’ the emotions of the dancers here are also being expressed through movement. This movement is created within themselves, the space around them and by the camera attached to them. The combination of these elements results in what has tbe seen to understand, so enjoy!



Music Category


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