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It’s music videos of the month time again! Once again we’ve searched the web to bring you the best undiscovered videos, artists & directors from all over the world. Don’t forget, we’re proud to say we look beyond the mainstream & huge budget productions to see what real creativity can achieve! Kicking off this week and showing us some strong cinematic value we have No Ones Head with their official video for “Secret Love”. Hats off to IAMJOHANNES on this one for the great camera work!

No Ones Head

Next up we have Mr Flash with his video for “Midnight Blue” directed by Pensacola. I love the creativity of custom visuals here (there aren’t any “seen it before” effects), but be warned it may be a trippy experience!

Mr Flash

Pushing deeper into the experimental film shadows this week is Lights Out with their track “Nepal”. The combination of overlays in this video build to create a landscape of texture in each of the shots. Make sure to check out director Iustin Surpanelu’s artwork for more from him!

Lights out
Director Iustin Surpanelu
Coming in second this month is Mike Mains & The Branches with their video for “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”. I can easily recognize the subtle cinematic sequence at the start of this video. Which contrasts the more impacting slow motion action and mayhem sequences. These sequences compliment each other and show us a whole pallet of film making style and ability by director Rhett Blankership.

Mike Mains & The Branches
Director Rhett Blankenship
Finally taking top spot this month we have Jeffrey Brodsky’s video for “I’ll be strong” by creative team Universal Everything. This 3D animation really does speak for itself. Be sure to keep an eye out for both Jeffrey and Universal Everything in future!

Jeffrey Brodsky
Director Universal Everything

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Rashid Adjami

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