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So I’m pretty much the target market for Pinterest. Female, 29 and a penchant for home inspiration and crafty shizz I could make myself. Pinterest just made it a whole lot easier for users though, giving them instant access to more information about individual pins without having to click through to an external site. Its product pins now incorporate pricing, availability and where to buy. Recipe pins include cooking times, ingredients and servings, while movie pins show content ratings and cast members.


Great idea, but as a resident of the UK and the majority of users US based some of this, particularly with product pins, is irrelevant to me. I would love it if it could tell me where I could purchase it in the UK, but this would be a giant leap from where the network is now. With a lot of retailers US based but with no presence in the UK, or shipping to the UK not an option, I guess it’s not far from impossible. There’s also the varying levels of how retailers trade, some are fully utilising online, while others are still playing catch up.


I’m just going to have to bide my time until the user base grows and continue using it for inspiration. It can definitely create one hell of a mood board for you. Ultimately though I think the one thing that will always keep Pinterest close to my heart is Pinterest fails. #nailedit will never quite have the same meaning again.

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