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Rory Flynn is resident of Sub:terranea at Wire in Leeds and Mansion in York. Having played alongside the likes of Conforce, Clive Henry, A Sagittariun, Bobby O’ Donnell, Annie Errez and Gavin Herlihy, he can often be found laying down some seriously deep, tripped-out, atmospheric electronic music.. much to the joy of an ever-expanding and passionate Sub:terranea following.


We met Rory in the smoking area of Leeds’ own house institution Back To Basics several years ago one evening in the smoking area. As is often the case at Basics and that now legendary Stinky’s Peep House smoking area, five minutes of chatting was all it took to connect and realise that we shared a mutual love of diverse, quality electronic music. We’ve been keen to get Rory on the podcast ever since. Get yourself down to a Sub:terranea if you’re about in Leeds or York, you won’t regret it. In the mean time, get your chops around this mix.


You can follow Rory on Facebook,  Soundcloud or visit the Sub:terranea website.



The tracks:
01. Max Cooper – Chronology – with Quentin Collins, Kathrin deBoer and Jack Stevens
02. Todd Terje – Myggsommer/ Boards of Canada – Sundown
03. J.Dilla – Detroit Madness
04. Discoverer- Personal Clone
05. Andy Stott – Faith In Strangers
06. Francis Inferno Orchestra – Astral Breeze
07. Stimming – Me Against The Bitch
08. Agnes – Outrottle
09. Apparat – Song Of Los
10. Jason Grove – Citybeats
11. Max Cooper – Arc
12. Rory Flynn – Story of the Common Man
13. Matthew Dekay and Lee Burridge – Fur Die Liebe
14. Olive – You’re Not Alone (Patrice Baumel Secret Mix)


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