You Can Now Add Music to Snapchat


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How many times have you looked on ‘Trending News’ and seen Snapchat’s little yellow ghost pop up?


Loads? Loads. It seems like Snapchat are constantly updating, modifying and redesigning their platform and they always hit the money (see Snapcash for a literal take on that idiom).


Just yesterday Snapchat’s execs were discussing raising $500 million, bringing the company’s value to a whopping $19 billion. With apparently 100 million monthly active users, 400 million snaps a day and 71% of its audience under 25 years old, no one can argue against Snapchat’s dominance.


And now they’re adding a music function.


That’s right, instead of having to turn off the music from your phone, you can now keep it rolling whilst you record. Think Dubsmash without having to bother searching through clips.


Let the lip syncing battle(s) commence.

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