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With the premiere of the new Star Wars film looming, Google has been getting in on the hype. Although not a big Star Wars fan myself, the surprises that have been popping up ahead of The Force Awakens have been pretty cool. Here’s a round up of the #ChooseYourSide campaign.
Google gave a nod to the new film a few weeks ago with the unveiling of new customisation tools. Users are given the (tough) decision to choose the light or dark side of the Force. The user’s Google apps transform based on their decision. Glowing lightsaber page-loading bars make a nice change I suppose. Other features include ‘Force Awakened’ themed browser wallpaper and the makeover of the Street View man in Google maps who turns into a stormtrooper (personal fave).

Another nice touch is the current search engine Easter egg. Search for ‘a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away’ and the search results are displayed in the style of every Star Wars movie intro. Slick.

The Star Wars marketing machine announced yet another Google related feature yesterday. The Force made its way into virtual reality with the release of VR experience Jakku Spy. A series of virtual-reality videos were released through the official Star Wars app to be watched using Google cardboard headsets. For all the die hard Star Wars fans out there, limited edition Star Wars versions of the headsets were unveiled too. This is a clever PR stunt and also a savvy way to bring virtual reality to the mainstream.
Whether a fan of the film franchise or not, the Google x Star Wars collaboration has been pretty fun and got people talking. It will surely appeal to both new and old fans alike due to their interesting campaign and innovative use of technology… props!

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