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Following the massive success of “Bugatti” and his first string of live performances, Tiga is preparing to release his first album since Ciao! early next year on Counter Records (a Ninja Tune imprint). “It’s a natural fit – I’m the original Counter. I count RESULTS. Advantage: Tiga City”, says Tiga.


Friday saw the release of new single “Don’t Break My Heart”. Co-produced by Clarian North (ex-Footprintz), “Don’t Break My Heart” has already staked its place as the emotional climax of Tiga’s already climax-heavy live show.


“The same world that has given me everything breaks my heart every day-ay. But if that’s the price I have to pay-ay, I wouldn’t have it any other way-ay. I can’t stop singing everything I say-ay.” says an exhausted Tiga, tears of song-sweat streaming down his natural singer’s face.


‘Don’t Break My Heart’ is available on Spotify, iTunes and Beatport.



On November 21st, Tiga will bring his acclaimed “Tiga Live” show to KOKO, marking the first time the Montreal entertainer has treated London fans to his unique blend of cutting-edge set design, soaring vocals and Jori Hulkkonen.


“London is incredibly important to me. It’s where I first heard The Beatles, and they also make very good dance music there,” says Tiga. “After conquering the festival circuit, I’m beyond jazzed to sing and dance in a club setting. The restroom lines are much shorter, which I think will make the set noticeably tighter in terms of costume changes.”

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