Tiga Mixed Emotions. 15 years on.


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15 years ago, Tiga released a mix CD that he considers to have ‘started it all’ for him. To mark the occasion, the Turbo boss uploaded ‘Mixed Emotions CD2 Electro Funk’ to SoundCloud and has made it available for you lucky lot to get your hands on for free.


There is a sense of history here, yet it feels fresher in many ways than a lot of music that you can hear being put out in 2015. Take your mind back fifteen years ago.. you’ve just survived the millennium bug. Well done. It’s the dawn of electro and people are very excited for what will end up being a few very good years for the sound. This mix was right there then and captures that moment perfectly. It’s well worth downloading for a proper listen and putting on your headphones. Absorb it.


Also available is a download link to the release artwork and track list which adds another layer to the fact that this is evidently anything BUT ‘just another mix’. It was a brave step away from the “DJ image”.


While it seems so obvious now, at the time in 2000, for a DJ to blatantly do away with the “dj image” and present himself as a personality was not very common. Many friends laughed at me. I took some heat. BUT I knew very quickly that it was the heat of haters…. and it was quickly overshadowed by a new love, and a connection with a growing scene of people that felt the same. I learned the first of many valuable lessons: if nobody thinks you are an idiot you probably aren’t doing anything very good.” – Tiga (2015)


After being uploaded on Valentine’s Day, Tiga posted his Mixed Emotions mix with the full story behind the music and why it is so important to him.. if you’ve got a few minutes you can read his full words here. It’s very enlightening about a period of dance music that I was a little late to the party for.


Download ‘Tiga – Mixed Emotions (CD2 Bonus Electro Funk)” HERE

Download track list and full artwork sleeve HERE

Read Tiga’s full words on the release HERE



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