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A horror film about social media – clearly we were first in line to see this one. Warning! This review contains spoilers… But to be fair you definitely can guess the plot from the name.


Originally released as ‘Cybernatural’, Unfriended is a mixture between Paranormal Activity and a council produced pamphlet on the dangers of the internet. In some parts it’s tense, jumpy and grounded in reality. In others, it’s just plain silly. Like all the parts where the ghost is hacking into computers and police phone lines. And the fact that the only thing it doesn’t hack is Chatroulette.


The premise of the film is that a high-school girl gets cyberbullied over the appearance of an embarrassing YouTube video. She shoots herself and then seemingly comes back to hack into the Facebook accounts and Skype conversation of her friends. Oh and they all die obviously.


The entire film is seen through the screen of protagonist Blaire’s Mac screen which FYI has a supernatural battery life. The visuals of the film are remarkably accurate. At a lot of points in the film where Blaire is iMessaging her boyfriend ‘why aren’t you replying??? Helloo?? Are you there?’ and I was turning to my cinema friend and saying ‘you. This is you’. It was also a stroke of genius on the part of the producers as it meant the film cost $1mil to make and grossed a huge profit.


Pros – The film feels grounded in the everyday. The blurry and pixilated Skype calls, digital blackmail and getting advice from conspiracy forums.


Cons – It’s hard to take seriously, it’s slow to get going and it often looses its realism.


Analysis – Borrow the DVD from a friend when it’s out to laugh at.




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