Sep 2017

Mixmag High praise for REZZ

Mixmag High praise for REZZ
Mixmag High praise for REZZ

We first met Isabelle in person a couple of Miami’s ago before our last party of the week at Treehouse. Chilled, humble and lacking any kind of edge, it’s not hard to see why people enjoy being around this producer. She took to stage following one of the best deadmau5 b2b ATTLAS sets I’ve seen. Unsure of what to expect, we watched with curiosity. Did the tempo change? Yes. Did some of the phones come down? Some. Not many. And there it was, no mass rush for the door. She kept that dance floor full of happy horde family until she said her good byes.

A few EPs later and we’ve just worked with Rezz and her team on her debut album, Mass Manipulation. Suffice to say it’s gone down well with the mau5trap family, and see articles like the below in Mixmag puts a knowing smile on ours faces here at RD.

“I want to make people feel the way I felt when I first saw Deadmau5, when I saw Skrillex, when I saw Pretty Lights and when I saw Bassnectar,” she says, her own eyes sparkling now. “You leave their shows and feel different: you feel inspired, you feel more than just the impact of a song. I want my performances to hit people so hard they’re not able to speak because they’re so in shock. I just want to make a huge mark on people’s lives and deliver an experience they will never forget.”

It’s ambitious. But given how far Rezz has come in such a short space of time, don’t bet against it.

Photography: Kurtis Hooper

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